Uzungöl Trip Route

Karadeniz Gezileri

First of all, after taking necessary measures against rain or drizzling rain; You can start the trip from the point where the stream meets Uzungöl. Begin over the left side of the lake by the creek, passing over the suspension bridge made of wood.

Lake and valley, surrounded by mountains. In the mountains: it is possible to see every tone of green. The purple mountain roses on the rock slopes show their beauty in the green. Greenery creates a beautiful backdrop for mountain roses.

Dancing with water in the lake of wild ducks adds another beauty to the beauty of the lake. As the sun becomes clearer, the rain-washed mountain greens are shining. In this beautiful green-blue lake, the shadow mountain skyline falls. That’s the great moment. The mosque of the two minarets is floating in the lake.

In order to be able to dominate the landscape, go to the stabilized road leading to the spring direction. Here, artificial waterfalls are made with the water descending from the creek. There are fields just ahead of the lake. The fields are small small. Girls and local people playing in front of wooden houses; they don’t like the camera. When you point the lens, they turn their faces. Please pay attention to this and do not take photos to disturb people. You should prefer to take pictures of nature, nature and landscapes.

Lake in a small lake. Calm and clear. Rain and snow running away from the mountains are resting here. Then, he goes on his way through the Şerah stream again. The length is about 1.5 km if you want to walk around the lake.

Yes, when you take a tour along the lake, you will see that the time has improved. A lot of oxygen has already eaten breakfast. You can enter one of the facilities for lunch. Here is the best food: trout and meatballs in the oven.

Yes, what to eat in Uzungol, what food is famous? Here you can: eat great trout, for those who don’t like fish, meatballs in the oven.

After your meal, you can sip your tea in the outdoor garden of a relaxation facility on the edge of Uzungöl. This pleasure, believe in a wonderful feeling, absolutely live.

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