The climate of Uzungöl

Uzungöl'ün İklimi

The characteristic feature of the warm and humid weather of the BlackSea is the typical summer climate. Uzungöl has a very cool and comfortable clean air. Uzungol has a typical BlackSea climate. It gets plenty of the season. Winter seasons are snowy and summer seasons are rain. In the autumn and spring, you can suddenly catch rain. You should be prepared to make a sudden change of weather forecast.

According to meteorological data observed in the Uzungol station; The average annual temperature is 8 °C. The coldest month is February and the average air temperature is 0.10 °C. The hottest days are experienced in July with 38 °C. The average relative humidity was 80% and the highest with 90% in July and August. The average relative humidity during the year is not a reduction of 74%. According to these values ​​for all months in Uzungöl is a very moist air. In Uzungöl, the average annual processing time is 74 mm. Rainfall is high and abundant months are April, May, June and the highest with 101,80 mm in May. The lowest monthly precipitation is 62 mm and the total annual precipitation is 926 mm. It is regularly distributed throughout the year in the region. In the direction of dominant wind direction, the southwest or lake exit point is towards the lake entrance.

Moisture plants, wetlands and seaweed species in the lakes and turbines, nature plants are looking for low temperatures and high humidity conditions. In Uzungöl, the air temperature in the year 6-7 may drop at the end of 0 ° C (annual average 7.80 ° C). Humidity is also very high (79% on average). On the other side, suns (22% winter, 29% spring, 24% summer and 26% fall) were almost equally distributed throughout the year. In addition, the average annual capacity of Uzungol over 900 mm (926 mm) and high humidity is suitable for the development of plants with moisture character. The highest level observed in Uzungöl (1979-1991) is 180 cm, the lowest level is 24 cm, the average level is 69 cm and the level level (maximum lake level – minimum lake level) is set at 156 cm.

In Uzungöl, summers are dominated by humid, humid and humid weather, and winters are cool, rainy and humid. Freezing can occur in the lake every year without wintering. When the meteorological features of Uzungöl are examined; The climate of Uzungöl is type B Moist – Forest, C sıcak Microtermal is a place where it is very hot and has fruits in the season.

The winter months in Uzungöl are a bit slow. Each year in winter there is a thick layer of ice on the lake while the ineffective winter is under the influence of the cold air blowing from the high. The activities that will allow winter tourism due to such a heavy winter period are rarely made. In Uzungol, the stove should be approached not in winter, but in the first large area. 1900 mt from the sea. to keep in mind that the effect of the winter to take so long is normal.

Clearing the summer months is the most active period. The fresh air and the beautiful nature of the forests and the view of the forest from it is more of a period in which the green color attracts the most attention with its more scenic view of table scenery. Even if an open air is replaced by clouds, suddenly it is raining, the sun is shining, or you have to wait all day to face a cold breeze. Uzungöl is located at 1100 meters and has a cool and clean atmosphere as a result of being affected by the highlands. The effect of highland air is said to remain in the sun for a long time without ever realizing the possibility of burning is great. Therefore, no matter how far you want it to go for a walk, if you want a walk in the sunscreen or long arm is recommended to wear.

p style=”text-align: justify;”>Autumn is the most annual season in the BlackSea. In this season, if you plan to visit Uzungol, we would like to include the rains that will rain. Cool during the day, in the evenings a little more winter weather and hot temperatures. Of course, not only the negativity of autumn, it is present. The size of the Uzungol forests does not only promise an image of green, but there is a bounce of color in the autumn where the yellow and the red are brown. He is a beautiful Uzungol apart from her division that avail him.

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