Uzungol Travel Guide

Uzungöl'de Gezi

Uzungöl has become a place where companies and businesses can organize meetings, camps and tours, from having only recently become the center of holiday trips. Along with the increasing tourism potential in summer, the capacities of the social facilities located in the region together with the capacities of the services have also increased. There are various alternatives to visit at Uzungöl in terms of places to be mapped. There are alternatives to campsites, hotels, pensions and even rented village houses. The common feature of these accommodation facilities, which serve all seasons, is that they are made of wooden texture.

Wooden bungalow type houses, which are frequently seen in the tourist centers of the Eastern Black Sea region, also serve in Uzungöl. Concrete structures are not allowed outside the district, mosques and schools. The new guesthouses and motels built in accordance with the architecture of their own wooden houses fulfill the beauty of nature. Bungalow type houses are allowed to be built up to two floors. In these accommodation facilities overlooking the lake, the naturalness of the woods makes efforts to provide a holiday environment with nature. Some establishments also have catering services in the restaurants of the premises. Many businesses serve trout in their own pools to their customers at their restaurants.

p style=”text-align: justify;”>In Uzungöl, which is rapidly increasing in structure, careful work is not carried out to prevent the natural beauty of the region from being lost. The efforts of the local government to protect Uzungöl have not yet reached the level that anyone can feel. It can be argued that the controls are not at a competent level, and that even illegal structures have earned an official status under the amnesty of “Peace of Property”.

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