Uzungöl Manzarası

In recent years, the Black Sea springs began to take place among the holiday plans of many travelers, including foreign tourists. The holiday concept consisting of only sea and sun, slowly, cool, abundant oxygenated and quiet to leave the plateau tourism. The plateaus are perfect for those who want to get away from the crowds of big cities, the stress and noise of modern life and return to nature.

Uzungol became a Nature Park in 1989 and declared as a Special Environment in 2004, Eastern Black Sea Tourism is one of the centers receiving the highest number of visitors. The name of Uzungöl, which passes through the Eastern Black Sea tours, constitutes an important vision for the region. At the foot of the Soğanlı Mountains, this lake, which is 1100 meters above sea level, has become the natural center of Trabzon which attracts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year.

The 1625 hectares of the region, which has rich vegetation and a wide variety of wildlife, is divided into Nature Park. The waterfalls flowing through the steep cliffs, the spring snow melting in the spring / rivers, and the lush nature of Uzungöl, ideal for a holiday in nature.

The most representative tree species in this region is the eastern spruce. Except this; elm, alder, walnut and chestnut trees. With the arrival of spring, the region is completely covered with green and accompanied by visitors along the road before reaching Uzungöl. You will experience a different surprise when you see the houses inhabited by a lush green hillside on the road and where the local people live on steep hills. You can be sure that you will find a lot of places to ask yourself.

The area is also rich in wildlife. Wild boar, yew, lynx, jackal, squirrel, wild ducks, creek and lake trout are just a few examples of this diversity. When you arrive on holiday in Uzungol, you can have an unforgettable moment for you. Unfortunately, some of these animal species have been in danger of extinction or migration to other places due to irresponsible activities carried out in the region, such as uncontrolled hunting and tourism (Helicopter Tour in Uzungol).

In this region, which offers a cool alternative for those who do not want to spend their summer holidays at the seaside, the necessary infrastructure works are being carried out to accommodate guests in winter. This region, which is covered with an average of 5 months of snow per year, has become one of the alternative choices of snow holiday lovers. To see the perfect harmony of the steep slopes under the snow and the green to white; Many businesses have increased their winter tourism investments in order to use Uzungöl’s preference for those who want to walk in the fresh air, on the snow and spend an evening at the fireplace fire.

The typical Black Sea climate is seen in Uzungöl. The region receives plenty of rain in every season. Rainfall in winter and snow in summer. Thanks to this climate feature, the region remains green in all seasons. The world’s oldest forests in the temperate zone are also seen here.

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