Uzungöl'de Hediyelik Eşya Marketi

In Uzungöl, you can find a place where Uzungol Souvenir is attached to bring your visitors to your friends or to keep them as a memory from this trip as you come back with your holiday or daily species.

From the immediate entrance of Uzungol, there are hundreds of different kinds of regional clothing, hats, bags, souvenirs, loafers, wooden spoons, dolls, etc., where the service was offered on the side of the road, on the sides of hotels and other businesses. can provide you with incredible gift items.

It includes a gift shop which belongs to all manufacturers located in the center. These shops are not only for commercial purposes but also for exhibitions. Most of the souvenirs exhibited here are handmade. Don’t let the landforms industrialize, which is already flawed.

The value of the gift you receive to your wife, your friend or your neighbor is very great. For this reason, it should not be forgotten, because the only people who live in the villages in the nearby villages do not forget what it means when it comes to gossip.

In addition, the gift experiment does not have to be something to go around here, we can only continue to reach Uzungöl during the road to reach the moment we can continue thinking. I recommend you not to ignore the beauties. Take 3-5 extra chewing gum, sugar or chocolate on one side of your car. Because at the moment you can encounter children waving hands at a time you do not expect at all. Or give a gift to children playing at the roadside after a candy or chewing gum after you as a gift you can find yourself as a gift. Believe me, these are beautiful memories that can be remembered as a very nice holiday memory.

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